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Craig is a very competent and compassionate attorney. His understanding of the law, combined with his kind and considerate manner, made our recent experience not only productive but enjoyable. Best Experience with an Attorney - Brian

The initial consultation was very informative and helped us make good decisions. All services were completed as promised and in a timely manner. There were no hard and fast actions. We were given options and all decisions were truly ours. - Ronald & Rosemary

We were treated very well from the time we walked in the door and throughout the process. Everyone was helpful and friendly and took the time for our questions and the experience was satisfying. - Sarilyn


All Types of Business Formation

LLC - Limited Liability Corporation

  • Forming an LLC reduces personal liability

    • When you form your business into an LLC, it is considered separate from you. This means that if the LLC is sued, the owner and managers are protected from personal liability.

  • Tax advantages

    • There are tax deductions that an LLC  qualify for that a sole proprietorship or partnership do not.

  • LLC's give deductible employee benefits

    • Health Insurance

    • Travel

    • Automobile

    • Entertainment

    • Pension plan or 401k

A C-Corporation is any corporation that is taxed separately from its owners.
  • Taxed separately from its owners
  • No limitation on number of shareholders
  • Treated as an individual entity
  • Owners protected from insolvancy
S-Corporations are an IRS designation
  • Avoids double taxation (Taxing both the Corporation and the Share Holder)
  • Treated as an individual entity
  • Profits and losses can pass through to owners personal tax returns
A group that is bound together by a desire to achieve a mission, rather than to make a profit.
  • Exempt from paying corporate income tax.
  • Eligible for public and private grants.
  • Separate from its founders.

Other Things a Business Owner Should Know:

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