Civil Litigation


Nursing Home Litigation - Including Elder abuse,
                                              Fiduciary abuse,
Juvenile Litigation - Representation of Juvenile in                                   the criminal system
                                   Representation of Juvenile in
                                   the foster care system
                                   Representation of parents of
                                   children in the foster care

Civil litigation is the process of settling a noncriminal dispute, between two or more parties.

What you can expect from your attorney

Our civil litigator (Nina) is knowledgable, experienced and aggressive.

       "I have done a lot of litigation. For years I was in court every

        day, every single day. When I get into court I am pretty

        assertive. I know that I have years of experience, probably

        more than the person that I am against. Probably even more

        than the judge. I use that to my advantage."