Non-Profit Organizations

Setting up a nonprofit is daunting. There is a great deal of leg work involved, with Budgets, donations, paper work and incorporation. It is not for the faint of heart. But for those with a good cause and a great deal of drive the process is worth it. 

 Why form a non-profit corporation?

Individuals and organizations will often have varing reasons for forming a non- profit. They may include the desire to improve or give back socially. Another reason may be that you have a very successful business and need something to help with taxes. What ever the reason for your forming a non-Profit, here is some information to help you get started.

  • Here are some examples of organizations that are permitted non-profit designation: Churches, Public Schools, Publice Charities, Public Clinics, and Hospitals.

  • ​An organization must be designated as a non-profit at the time of formation.

  • ​A non-profit may only pursue purposes that are permitted by the statutes for non-profits for there state.

 What are the advantages of becoming a non-profit organization?

  • May be able to obtain Tax exempt status from the IRS.

  • Eligible for public and private grants. May solicit for charitable donations.

  • Legal entity in its own right. Seperate from its founders.

  • Limited liability. The non-profit is a seperate entity. Therefore creditors and courts are limited to the assets of the non-profit. The founders, directors, members and employees are not responsible for the non-profits debts.

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