Arizona real estate is a tumultuous market, and The Milton Law Firm can help you navigate the treacherous waters. Whether you are an investor, a landlord, a tenant, a homeowner, a seller, or a prospective buyer, The Milton Law Firm is ready to answer your questions. 


Trying to handle an Arizona eviction on your own could get your eviction proceeding dismissed, costing you a lot more in the long run. In most cases, you can retain us to handle your eviction for you for less than half the cost of one month's rent.


When negotiating a short sale in Arizona, a contract review will help ensure your legal rights and best interests are protected. 


Every homeowner needs to know the risks, options, and benefits to consider when deciding whether or not they should default on a residential property loan secured by a deed of trust in Arizona.


- Breach of performance on a purchaser contract

- Disputes with buyers over the return of earnest money

- Failure to disclose defects

- Adverse possession

- Breach of lease agreement

- Breach of purchase contracts

- Breach of broker listing agreement and broker claims for commission

- Title defects and quiet title actions

- Misrepresentation of the condition of a home

- Boundary disputes


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